EBCam aims to be truly independent; we want to be confident that the investment solutions we recommend to clients are the best available to meet your needs.

This aim influences our investment strategy. We outsource investment management to a range of specialist investment managers and investment houses. These investment specialists use risk rated, Model Portfolio Solutions (MPS) or offer bespoke Discretionary Investment Management (DIM) where appropriate.  With this investment approach we can objectively review the performance, costs and service of each of our investment partners, to ensure they remain competitive in all respects. Being independent from the investment manager means we can raise questions or concerns and, if we lose confidence in their ability to provide the best service to our clients or the appropriate returns, we can easily move to another investment solution. We are independent because we are not aligned to any one manager or internal investment solution. We believe this differentiates our advice as we are not tied to an in house model or restricted investment solution.

Due diligence of investment solutions is key and starts with understanding the marketplace.  Using technology, our investment committee filter managers that don’t align with our own or our clients’ values. Then we keep the shortlisted managers under review, their performance, service and costs, meeting selected managers to ensure we fully understand their approach and service to ensure they are delivering value to our clients.  In this way we can also select the appropriate specialist managers to meet an individual client’s needs for example where sustainable or ethical investments or tax considerations are important  or income is needed.

We are independent advisers, with no ties to any investment manager, so we can find the right investment solution to meet your needs.