Our Financial Planning Process

Our Financial Planning process is broken down into six clear stages which first involves getting to know you, what you want to achieve and what’s important to you.  From here, we can start to create a plan for your financial future together.  

We are independent advisers, with no ties to any insurer, so we can find the right products that meet your needs.

1. Understanding you

We are all different.  We are at different stages of our lives and careers and have different goals.  That’s why the first step involves us getting to know you, what you want to achieve and what’s important to you.  It’s also the stage where you can get to know us, what we can do to help and to see if we are the right fit for you.

Once we understand where you want to go on your journey, we can start to create a plan that works towards meeting your financial objectives, prioritising those that are most important to you.  

2. Gathering Information

This is the stage where we start to gather more detailed information about the existing financial policies you have and the benefits these provide.  This enables us to understand your financial position as a whole and set this out for you so you know where you currently stand.  

We use this financial information, along with the personal information we have gathered as part of the first stage, to move towards our next step where we delve further into creating your financial plan.  

3. Research & Analysis

With a true understanding of your circumstances and objectives, we can start to create a plan.  We will analyse your current position and existing polices and complete further research to determine the most suitable route for you, taking account of all that we have learned so far.  

As Independent Financial Advisers, we will create a plan that is designed to organise your finances in the best way to build from where you are today towards the financial results you want to see in the future.

4. Recommendations

Taking all that we have learned from you and your existing policies, along with our research and analysis, we will present you with a personal tax efficient financial plan, with specific recommendations on how you can achieve your goals.  This will potentially include new products or services, a different approach to investment management or a simple life insurance policy designed to meet your needs.  This financial plan is personal to you.  

We will talk you through our recommendations, to ensure that you fully understand the plan; this is key to enable you to make a fully informed decision about starting your journey to meet the goals that you have.  

5. Implementation

Once you understand your financial plan and what we are recommending, we will put things in place.  If we need to set up new policies, we will do so.  If we need to make changes to existing policies, we will.  The aim of this stage of the process is to implement your financial plan.  

6. Regular Reviews

Now that you are a client of EBCam, you will have the peace of mind that your finances are being professionally managed and that we will continue to work with you to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals.  This leaves you with more time to focus on what’s important to you.  

We will continually monitor your plan and will agree with you how often you wish us to review your financial plan with you so that you understand where you are on your journey.  We can adapt the plan where necessary, as your circumstances and objectives change, and we will be proactive in recommending changes that will help to keep you on track.