Employee Conversations

Through our Employee Conversations service, we can provide a conversation about specific financial matters that your employees may face.  From people just starting out in their career, to those who are retiring, we can offer a confidential and friendly conversation to help answer the questions they may have.

We are independent advisers, with no ties to any provider, so we can find the right products that meet your needs.

We have put together a collection of topics that we find people most commonly want to discuss, along with some others that we feel are key stages of someone’s life at which point a conversation could be invaluable. 

You might like to cover the costs of some of these sessions for your employees as an additional benefit or, you may like to offer you staff the option to purchase an additional benefit.  Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Employee Conversations

Starting a New Role

Understanding the range of benefits on offer from the company, along with savings and other financial matters that should be considered.

Mid-Career Review

Designed to demonstrate to employees whether they are on track to meet their objectives, and what can be done about it if not.

Retirement Options and Planning

What are the options? What should employees consider? Will they have enough income in retirement? Designed to help transition employees into retirement.

High Earners Pension Planning

Are your high earning staff aware of the impact on pension planning and other tax allowances?  What are the implications of paying too much into a pension scheme? 

Company Share Schemes – Options

How are share schemes taxed? What can your employees do with the proceeds?  How might these impact on other planning requirements (e.g. pensions).  

Protection Planning

Understanding the range of individual protection policies are available to ensure their families are looked after in the event of illness, being unable to work or death.