Employee Benefit Audit

Our Employee Benefit Process is clear, consistent and personalised to your business.  

1. Understanding Your Business

Our starting point is understanding your corporate objectives, your key employee benefit aims, your employee needs and your existing benefits.

2. Review & Research

We will work with you to ‘audit’ your current arrangements and ongoing governance needs.  Having assessed what, if any, benefits you currently offer, we can identify any gaps or risks.

Taking into account your key aims we will conduct a market review to determine which benefits best fit your needs. 

3. Recommendations

Working collaboratively, we will design and present our recommendations and discuss these with you in detail, tailoring and refining as necessary.

4. Implementation

Following your instruction, we will implement the benefits or changes required to maintain and achieve a modern, effective, and competitive rewards package for your business and employees.

5. Employee Engagement 

We will provide and deliver presentations, including written and video communications, and one to one meetings, to engage your workforce and communicate the value of your employee benefits. Through effective communication employees will fully understand how to get the most out of their benefits.

6. Ongoing Governance

We can provide Governance to ensure your pension scheme remains compliant, and regular rebroking of your risk benefits to ensure these remain appropriate and competitive.